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 About Lenovo Batteries.

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About Lenovo Batteries. Empty
PostSubject: About Lenovo Batteries.   About Lenovo Batteries. EmptyWed Oct 12, 2011 2:27 pm

With each passing moment laptops from Acer, HP, Dell and Lenovo have become slimmer and faster. They're wider than the previous to line of computer notebooks, measuring near 11 to 12 micron. They are very powerful and provide better CPU and ?mages performance. In most cases the battery life is virtually, if not better, compared to Intel Atom powered portable computer. These new units involve high performing batteries too.

The battery of this Lenovo Idea Pad U150, which boasts of the dual core Intel Celetron SU2300 design, gives a run time period of four to all 5 hours. Even whileWith every different passing day laptops right from Acer, HP, Dell and Lenovo have become slimmer and faster. surfing online through Wi-Fi and together with the Bluetooth the power cell would run for up to five hours. It has been tested that all of these computer notebooks can squeeze out beyond four hours from this battery while playing some 720p video on full-screen. A few of the other Lenovo batteries are the following:

1. IBM 3000 C100: This is battery which usually comprises eight cells and is designed for IBM. It is appropriate for the Lenovo ThinkPad in addition to 3000 C100 notebooks.

two. C200 Series: This unit includes six cells of Lithium-Ion. It has a run time of up to 4. 5 hours. It's compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad products.

3. N200 Series: These are nine phone batteries which extend up to a width of 15 long. Its standard run time varies using its maintenance and ranges right from 3. 9-6. 0 several hours.

4. V100/V200 Series: These batteries contain six lithium-ion cells which give good performance. It boasts of a run time of up to five hours.

Lenovo has always worked towards customer satisfaction and safety. Hence, repeatedly they have gone as a result of battery recall programs whenever some disorders of these were found. This year the corporation had recalled batteries from a few of the Thinkpad laptop models. This really is so because these units erroneously displayed a device error message. Some these messages said "battery is not to be charged", while others talked about "irreparable damage". The problem was prevalent aided by the T60, T61, R60, R61, X60 as well as X6 models.

Earlier, within 2007, in the fascination of public safety, the organization had joined hands aided by the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and went through a battery recall technique. They encouraged customers exactly who had 9-cell battery packs incorporated with their laptops or possessed bought them as replacement sets, to come just for free-of-charge replacements. Lenovo discovered that some of the batteries were over orthopedic with extended use. This might have caused lots of mishaps. As a result it was launched.
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About Lenovo Batteries.
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