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 ASUS U36J norebook which with 7 hours battery life and may anti-radiation.

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PostSubject: ASUS U36J norebook which with 7 hours battery life and may anti-radiation.   Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:10 pm

13 inches was termed as 揼olden size? devices, and the ASUS U36J not just as has been a 揵est body? with some sort of 13-inch, a standard voltage from the mainstream processor, but also with further long battery life which we can enjoy the fun. As per the information on the demonstrate, though the superstructure of the Asus U36J aluminum-magnesium alloy when using the same material, but the top through a nano coating and lots of the aspect of cleaning, stain water and anti-radiation is really well. We can not predict if it truly can anti radiation, but we're able to not deny that any soft surface and feelings left us an exceptionally deep impression. All interfaces are really suitable designed. Because entire body size constraints, the aircraft opposite us did not cook any interface. But objectively, there's nothing practical for much of our own influence. The left side of this fuselage has a electricity connector, VGA port, some HDMI port, a USB 2. 0 interface and then a main ventilation openings. We realize that although the whole design could be very slim, but still higher VGA interfaces in these, greatly enhance the practicality from the machine. And relatively chatting, the right of that interface to more substantial, this has two UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS 2. 0 ports, some LAN interface, a multi-card reader and a pair of audio input / outcome interface. Screen is very superiorASUS U36J this part is really a golden screen 13. 3-inch LED-backlit panel display size, resolution 1366 * 768 popular. From the actual evaluation performance, the screen with color, brightness was rather satisfactory performance, general company applications, or without any problem. The following screenshot is what we should in the normal work place directly on the tv screen shooting. The weight have roughly standard to a narrow and light notebooks? For the laptop users, a good model not just in appearance, outstanding overall performance, samsung Laptop Screen LTN156AT01? and so., also a measure of bodyweight, an important indicator of the notebook. Were measured it accompanied by a precision electronic scale, typically the single body, battery as well as power adapter, these 3 things weighst are simply 2. 08Kg, for some sort of 13-inch notebook products, this number is believed very good.
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ASUS U36J norebook which with 7 hours battery life and may anti-radiation.
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