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 Asus pulish sequence and colorful version laptops.

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Asus pulish sequence and colorful version laptops. Empty
PostSubject: Asus pulish sequence and colorful version laptops.   Asus pulish sequence and colorful version laptops. EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 3:05 pm

In asus notebook its abundant product lines, "A" always represents probably the most young vigor of any series. Since last month, flashed "love asus hopes do their" brand counsel, A series of a great deal more to dream Action, accompanying the image sent meant for dream endeavors young clients. This year, the pervasive, again release a dream mainstay named A43 multi-colored series models, as various as six colors by just different interpretation, encouraging many people dare to dream, dare to numerous reality insist in are usually themselves, enjoy the freedom you need to do back I really thrilled. Every day, every man or women, always playing different in various situation of "I". However the real "I" is what be like? Asus A43 six tone monogatari, may let you stumble upon the most true my best that moment. Extremely brief white and take advantage simple happiness return to help you shape. As the cold months a hot cup for tea, a beacon in night, a simple and additionally comfortable and relaxed; With the new blue, insightful eyes stealthily taste. Organic artistic temperament, gray or bright daily life paragraphs can sleep a distinctive beauty; Hooking up a fabulous red, such as wine bottles business sentiment to mobilize most of life. Constantly release for example fire enthusiasm, never-ending adequate it sends out one of a kind charm; Some fiery environment friendly, actively to discover the actual self. Optimistic, believe with hope in his grip grasp forever; Rebel peach, know through the fashion dress up eye-catching. Never within the crowd dejected mediocre certainties, daily want live beautiful glowing; Play cool gold, put on from flashing a beautiful. Don't blindly obedient halfback, do not chase postmodern, temperament lightweight will covered everything. In nowadays increasingly more hot weather, whether the item be with notebook surface finish work, or swimming in a single video, game entertainment earth, long time of job application makes notebook "temperature" huge, the aromatic touchpad am not just let palm high environment hot, more let mood won't be able to stay calm which affect the job efficiency. Asus K chain notebooks are marked together with IceCoolDesign cool cool any asus exclusive technology, for example agent cool and clean the potion, let discarded "fever" notebooks for clients, torre brought wrist always fewer than the average temperature of the human body part temperature 5-7 examples of cool and refreshing tactility, all-weather appreciate relaxed control experience. To be able to boost user finish work more effectively, carefree enjoy the style of video, game, this particular series machines powerful lugging Intel second generation SandyBridge KuRui processer, not only in all the display and treatment performance the progress of any 10% above, but also inside the Intel improved farce regularity technology, which can automatically based on the program to run overclocking car finance calculations and allocated reasonably, procedure performance anomalies, but tough run multiple large system, faster speed bring more fun. In addition, this chain machines still collocation Power4Gear sensible province exclusive asus utility technology, still can adapt the CPU computing pitch and intelligent fan speed, maximize the endurance. At the same time tie-in OTT blue-star high-quality sound systems, can hi-fi playing a myriad of timbre, creating the all-round music sound lifelike sound. Whether playing games or watch the motion picture, for you now adequate entertainment shock.
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Asus pulish sequence and colorful version laptops.
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