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 Fiber-optic Extenders For High Definition Digital Transmition

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Fiber-optic Extenders For High Definition Digital Transmition Empty
PostSubject: Fiber-optic Extenders For High Definition Digital Transmition   Fiber-optic Extenders For High Definition Digital Transmition EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 3:53 pm

High Definition Digital Video has become the norm in every day life. More and more people watch HDTV programmes on their HDTV sets, they take HD films of their families at play and play HD quality games on a regular basis.

Now imagine that you are a company trying to promote your products and services using moving pictures to an audience in railway stations, in the underground, at exhibitions and many other public places. Your target audience now expects a good quality, visually stunning promotional video, so you hire the best quality advertising agency and entrust them with providing you with a promotional video of the highest quality.

Now you need to transmit this high quality promotional video to a high number of HD displays at a railway station vowing your audience with your services. You connect your DVD or Bluray to a multiplexer and then on to several HD displays which are long distances away from it and see that all the money and time you spent with your advertising agency is wasted

The problem with sending digital video and audio signals for long distances is that you will lose data if the cable you use is of the copper variety. Copper could cope with the traditional analogue signal but when it comes to digital data and long distances, it loses data fast and the end result is not even a low quality picture but no picture at all.

Connect a long (more than 20 meters) HDMI cable between your Digital Set Top Box and your HDTV. The result is that there is nothing showing on your TV, unless this HDMI cable uses a Fiber-Optic cable.

Fiber-Optic digital extenders offer loss free, highly reliable and environmentally friendly connectivity to high definition video and audio sources and displays at long distances. There is no loss of data, the end result is crystal clear pictures and importantly the cable will not degrade over time, saving money in the long run.

Many product in the market now support this Fiber-Optic connectivity with connectors that also ensure that digital connectivity protocols, such as DVI (Digital Visual Interface) for the PC Graphics Industry, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) for the TV industry, USB (Universal Serial Bus) for PC Peripherals Industry, IEEE1394 (Firewire) for Digital Appliance Interconnection and 3G-SDI for the Broadcast Industry, are adhered to at both ends. The transfer of the digital content protocols is important as this ensures that whatever data is sent at the source is received and displayed as intended.

In addition to this high quality Fiber-Optic cable for transmitting data, what is required is the ability to send several digital content with different stories to a number of displays. For example a number of different adverts may need to be transmitted to a number of specific displays at chosen times to get maximum effect. HDMI, DVI and SDI Matrix Routers and Distributors offer this facility. They can be controlled remotely using a PC and importantly can convert digital signals from one type to another, making the most the digital content whenever needed.

In conclusion, Fiber-Optic extenders offer the best solution for transmitting digital data at long distances by:
* Transmitting digital data with no loss of quality for long distances
* Providing pure and secure connection - EMI/EMC free cable
* Implementingof Industry Standard Protocols:

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Fiber-optic Extenders For High Definition Digital Transmition
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