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 Teaching Children

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Why do some ideas stick while other die? Learn six important traits ideas need to have to make stick with your children.
Teaching Children
揧ou can抰 do that, you抣l give your baby shaken baby syndrome.?My mom then went into a fifteen minutes lecture on how tossing my baby in the air was damaging my kid. Not wanting to permanently damage my kid I toned down my playing with her. My wife was extremely glad to see that her baby wasn抰 flying through the air. In order to stop me completely, my wife asked the doctor if it caused shaken baby syndrome. Much to her dismay the doctor informed her that there was no reason to fear. With this great news my baby can again touch our ceiling. If you look on the internet, most sites will state that it will damage your kid. How do stories like these spread so easily while the important ones die?Chip and Dan Heath book 揗ade To Stick?explains how a parent can help make the important ideas stick. One of the main tasks of a parent is passing on important information that we have learned as adults. Knowing how to teach our kids will greatly help our ability to communicate effectively with our children. 揗ade To Stick?discusses six ideas that will make your teachings a 搒ucces?

Can any one doubt the power of a story! To this day, I love hearing stories of my dad flying helicopter missions in the navy. Some of the best children抯 books use stories to portray a message. Why not use the same tactic when teach our children? We live in an informational era. The amount of information that is available to kids today is amazing and scary. Being able to instill correct ideas that will provide a guide through our kids lives is on extremely important task as a parent. That is why it is important to learn how to make ideas stick. I recommend that every one read 揗ade to Stick?
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Teaching Children
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