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 Sony, Toshiba, Have Offered for sale Factory; to Manufacture; Associated with As Self.

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Sony, Toshiba, Have Offered for sale Factory; to Manufacture; Associated with As Self. Empty
PostSubject: Sony, Toshiba, Have Offered for sale Factory; to Manufacture; Associated with As Self.   Sony, Toshiba, Have Offered for sale Factory; to Manufacture; Associated with As Self. EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 3:02 pm

Competitive in the global tough economy and the dual challenges of climate change, have dominate Japan IT Enterprises to have interaction in fierce battle battlefield today are out of breath. It is noteworthy the fact that, Sony and Toshiba unanimously to divest part of the manufacturing operations included throughout prescription of self-help Sony and Toshiba are classified as the end of the seller. Recently, Sony deals repeatedly with Hon Hai. Sony will announce a Slovak city of Nitra LCD TV manufacturers to sell 90. 1% stake to both, while the European market for TV manufacturers have to commitment the latter. Nitra grow was opened in 2007, is the industry probably the most modern TV factory, designed annual capacity of 4 million television sets assembled over Sony at the moment, a quarter of TV FOR PC sales forecast. According to help Sony, they plan to remain completed in September this holiday season, this transaction, the plant's three, 500 employees in one's destiny the existing Foxconn will attempt to work, but before that business deal through various national regulating approvals. Sony and Hon Hai didn't disclose financial details and also transactions, but a Sony executive involved in the transaction, said: "We aren't to cheap prices, but in a very reasonable price to promote the plant. " inches IT Times, "learned that within the Sony earnings in the particular valuation of its internet business in Slovakia 232 million yen. Coincidentally, the past day of March, Toshiba announced it had a liquid precious stone display factory in Singapore to distribute to Optronics Photoelectric, and this is actually the only one built on the former similar products international production base. Toshiba has not released specific information around the transaction, which according to make sure you "Japanese Economic News" noted, the deal size is supposed to about 100 billion yen. Compared to the transaction amount, the outside world is more serious about the two well-known Japanese manufacturers go on to the coincidence of what this implies. Sony to promote re- Sony talked about the sale of Nitra plant aims to reinforce the profitability of the TV business. Years, Sony is second only to Samsung The world's next largest TV manufacturer. However in 2009, Sony's trade status may be replaced by LG. Even more embarrassing can be that Sony TV business quite a long time dilemma in the past five years is a huge loss in the calendar year ended March 31, 2009 fiscal year loss will probably continue. Sony, who is in addition president, chairman and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Howard three post? Stringer stated: "We know that we have now the game and TV business within the black. " Stringer said wasn't accidental. In the previous fiscal year, Sony's net lack of 98. 9 billion yen, suffered the very first annual loss in 18 years, the company also set an increasing since the founding for the highest losses. Sony attributed the loss LCD TV Machine prices fall along with the yen strengthened. Time, Daiwa SB main investment trust investment mechanic, portfolio manager KoichiOgawa claimed: "Sony must bear the pain of the loss of the television sector into large-scale restructuring to come back to profitability of declare. " From April 1 this past year, since Sony's first foreign CEO since the Stringer took over with President Ryoji Chubachi scepter, led the company's history, the largest implementation belonging to the plan. Sony Executive Vice Lead designer Yoshihisa Ishida was afterward stepped in, was termed head of consumer goods and equipment, his primary task would be to fiscal year 2010 loss to find of Sony TV organization swamp. Yoshihisa Ishida was accountable for Sony's personal computer enterprise, known for cutting costs in order to be good. In large reorganization, Sony couldn't wait to begin to figure on the TV company. Japanese first closed a factory in the usa, then decided to national Aichi two factories towards one. After re-start, Sony has in the last year in September to TV plant in Mexico 90% stake sold to Hon Hai, made by the latter sold with the American market, Sony LCD TV.
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Sony, Toshiba, Have Offered for sale Factory; to Manufacture; Associated with As Self.
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